1 night in Antofagasta is enough


Antofagasta Street

After travelling on the night bus from Iquique, I turned up in Antofagasta around 7 in the morning. Trying to ´haggle´a cheaper taxi fare to the town centre I decided to get the bus. An absolute bargain, 1 – 0 to Dan. Played the system…

…..It would´ve been a short ride into the centre if I hadn´t fallen asleep and ended up in a bus terminal, in an industrial estate on the outskirts. Epic fail.

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Border crossing & Arica


Peru/Bolivia border

Left for Chile early on Wednesday morning. Nearly missing the bus, I took the 6 – 7 hour journey across to Tacna, before catching a taxi with Juan (what a nice bloke) and 3 old ladies across the border to Arica, Chile. The actual crossing only took about 40 minutes in all, getting dropped off at the bus station late in the afternoon.

Also, awesome nightlife in Arica..

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