The funniest game of football ever..


Cusco stadium

The most ridiculous game of Football I´ve ever seen, and possibly the funniest. The most dramatic dives, fake injuries, 200 disallowed goals. The 2 strikers forgot about the offside rule. One guy was subbed on for 15 minutes before being taken off again for being rubbish. The captain scored a penalty then celebrated for about half an hour. Hilarious tackles, wild passes, failed ´step-overs´, giving away corners for the sack of it. The referee had to be escorted off the pitch by riot police for making wrong decisions………..priceless.

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Bus to Pisac

Sunday trip to the town of Pisac! After riding the state-of-the-art bus from Cusco, we spent the day viewing the ruins before walking down from the top of the mountain into the village. Some Peruvian food and a 1 hour bus ride back home…..a sunday afternoon well spent.

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Tipon and Cuy!

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After a hard weekend of drinking, both Friday and Saturday night in Cusco, we decided to get up early on Sunday and travel to the village of Tipon. After a 2 hour or so hike up the mountain (with a hangover), we made it to the top of Tipon where the ruins were. Unbelievable views from the top!

On the journey back down, we visited a Peruvian house/cafe to try Guinea Pig.

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