Day out at Tambomachay


Walk from Tambomachay to Cusco

The first full weekend away in Peru! On Saturday, a few of us from the house got a taxi up to Tambomachay, just outside of Cusco. We visited Pukapukara ruins before taking the 3 hour walk back down to the city. On the way, met a few Llamas, visited a few more ruins before ending up at Saqsayhuaman, which stands over the city of Cusco.

For the rest of the weekend we went out for a few beers, visited El Molino market, ate dinner, chilled out.

Monday was Kaja and Sandy’s last day…….booooooooooooooooo.

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¡Viva el Peru!


Lima Airport

So, I made it to Peru in the end after what seemed to be a 3-week plane journey, finally ending up at Cusco on Saturday morning. The weather is awesome at the moment and not too cold at night time, although apparently the rain is on it´s way! (I didn´t pack my umbrella). I´m currently staying in a shared house with other volunteers in the centre of Cusco, loads of cool people from various countries (although I´ve yet to meet a fellow English person).

My Construction placement started on Monday morning. At 8:00am, we take a Combi (bus) up the mountain to a village on the outskirts of Cusco. There´s about 8 volunteers and 1 site-foreman helping to build a school for the people of Tika Tika in Cusco.

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